We are working with a team of software and domain industry veterans to deliver Sentinel – a solution supporting the growth of registries by enabling proactive risk management and building trust.

Enabling registries to proactively deal with domain risks

Domains involved in phishing, malware, spam, pharming or other malicious threats, break trust in a registry. Sentinel is an enterprise level solution that hunts for domains that present these trust risks. When Sentinel finds a domain that is of risk to users, the nominated abuse contacts are notified immediately and the incident is logged for reporting. This enables registries to deal with issues proactively.

Quality reporting​

The Sentinel portal allows for on-demand reporting which means you can identify any current trust risks and the Sentinel API allows users to reference the incident history of any domain on demand.

The ability to demonstrate to ICANN that you are conducting regular technical analysis of your domains is extremely important and Sentinel’s reporting is key to this.

Most importantly, building trust

Creating growth in your registry requires growing and sustaining consumer trust. The team behind Sentinel recognise that the domain industry must be credible and trustworthy in order to thrive, and are passionate about achieving this.

Working with direct input from Registrars, Registries and the public, Sentinel has been developed over the past two years with a focus on trust and compliance at its core.