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Zane Ashby

Ngāti Kahungunu, Rongowhakāta

Zane has been writing code for longer than not. He has 10+ years of professional development experience across a wide range of technologies and domains, including work for government, corporates, small businesses and startups.

Zane enjoys a variety of development styles, and likes to get his hands into native software (C/C++ and Rust), creating mobile apps, building websites and web applications (PHP, JS, Symfony), integrating APIs, writing bash scripts, and tinkering with the presentation layer.

He is passionate about real-time graphics, VR and game development and occupies much of his free time in these areas.

Zane strives to be platform and language agnostic, has been a daily Linux user for about as long as he has been writing code, and is an advocate of privacy and open source.

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