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Technologies and tools we use to build, deploy and maintain software.

CMS (Content management systems)

We use flexible and powerful Content Management Systems like Silverstripe and put real effort into making content easy to manage.


We work with a range of different eCommerce technologies largely because eCommerce is such a wide and varied field. We can cater to clients big and small including those with very unique product and ordering workflows. We have experience building custom eCommerce systems for both business to consumer (b2c) and business to business (b2b) sales.

Custom applications and APIs

For projects that don’t quite fit the off-the-shelf solutions, we offer custom software architecting and development. Our collective experience from a variety of backgrounds allow us to find creative solutions to any problem, or bottleneck in your workflow.

Mobile applications

We have experience in building mobile applications using various different technologies depending on the project requirements.

Our background in web development also allows us to integrate with existing APIs, or deploy custom APIs for managing mobile content and other business logic.

For interactive and media based experiences we have recently been using the Unity game engine.

We have used and regularly integrate with a variety of databases and search appliances, including more exotic graph and document databases.

For tighter integration or the times when off-the-shelf doesn’t cut it, we may be able to build a custom search solution for you using robust and performant open source libraries.


We have experience with integrations, including some of the most popular business products like Xero, NZ Post, DPS, Stripe, BrainTree.

Integrations can save time and improve accuracy in your business and product workflows.

As well as the technologies and products listed below we can investigate and work with other solutions depending on your requirements.

User interface (UI)

We use your brand or start from scratch to create a digital style guide that will ensure consistency across your website or products, and an accessible and enjoyable experience for your users. This generally includes colour, typography, interactions, iconography and layouts.

We take a responsive design approach from the outset which translates through to our development. We use trusted, flexible frameworks to make sure your site can be easily maintained and built upon for any future changes.

User experience (UX) design

Our user experience design process begins by understanding who your users are, what they want to do, and how this intersects with business requirements and goals. From here it is an iterative process of discovery, design, measurement and improvement. We use a range of tools for workshops, prototyping, and gathering feedback in this process.

Infrastructure and hosting

We work with infrastructure providers such as Amazon Web Services and Digital Ocean to design simple and reliable systems for a cloud environment.

We use Linux extensively, and mirror many aspects of our production environments into our own Docker based tooling for local development.

Testing and quality assurance

Our continuous deployment infrastructure tests every code change, and ships code to each environment, even taking care of frontend testing via Selenium.

User acceptance, browser and accessibility testing are key to quality product development. We use industry recognised tools for this.


Monitoring tools help us understand website or application performance and the ways in which people are using it, as well as keeping an eye our for errors.


We use powerful tools that help us work more efficiently and collaborate.


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