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At Springtimesoft we specialise in Silverstripe CMS — an intuitive CMS that provides a strong framework for custom development.

Silverstripe CMS is a web content management system used by governments, businesses and non-profit organisations around the world. We enjoy working with the technology as it is a powerful, intuitive CMS and provides a strong framework for custom development.

Silverstripe provides both a CMS for in-house content addition/editing and a framework for feature development. It is widely used around the world ranging from small business to corporate and government sectors and serves as the Common Web Platform for the New Zealand Government.

We have used Silverstripe as a framework for projects big and small, and with a wide range of functionality, workflows and requirements. We always spend time on the initial setup of tools and processes which pays off in the long run by making the website much easier to maintain or have other developers work on it. In doing so we also ensure it has flexibility in the way it handles the content and for any future integrations or requirements.

The Silverstripe CMS and Framework are Open Source under the BSD license (https://www.silverstripe.org/software/bsd-license/), allowing for full redistribution and modification and aligning well with our values as an organisation.

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