Techweek is a nationwide programme of over 100 events celebrating the inspiring technology, innovation and design thinking that’s thriving across New Zealand. They came to Springtimesoft to develop a new website that would interpret their creative brand and effectively showcase the events taking place during Techweek.

Sustainable platform for future growth and development

Techweek is only in its second year, but has big plans for the future. Therefore, maintainability, scalability and flexibility were identified as primary focuses for the Techweek website implementation. Our solution utilised unique logic separated into self-contained modules that are easily upgraded or ported to new platforms in the future. The work completed in 2017 is a strong and flexible foundation for the Techweek event management process to be built on and streamlined as Techweek itself grows.

Open Source

In keeping with Techweek’s spirit of community and supporting New Zealand technology, we used the open source software platform Silverstripe. SilverStripe has a strong community both locally and globally which enables Techweek to leverage that and continue to build their software.

Efficient event management

With over 280 independently hosted and managed events occurring at Techweek in 24 different towns/cities, the project team needed a streamlined process to upload, edit and publish events without putting additional work on their shoulders. The Event Admin portal that has been created is a tool which allows each event host to independently manage their listing on the website, allowing for last minute changes and copy tweaks, before submitting this to the Techweek team for approval and publishing.