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How we track our time at Springtimesoft

Time tracking. The old behemoth. The bane of service providers everywhere. Whether you bill for time or not, as a service provider it is essential that you can effectively and efficiently track how you spend your time and how long activities take you and your team.

Defence in Depth

A Web Application Firewall (from here on out known as a WAF) is a piece of software or hardware that provides a layer of protection for web applications (websites) on the internet.

Reflecting on 2020

Over the course of 2020 we heard, as you likely did too, the same phrases repeated (and probably said them a few times too). When can 2020 be over. These are unprecedented times.

User testing from home

Moderated user testing is something most traditionally done in person. The ability to read body language, recognise appropriate timing for follow up questions or probe a little further into something the user paused over, are all much easier when you’re sitting in the same room.

Springtimesoft in Kawakawa Bay 2019

2019 has been a big year here at Springtimesoft, and so for the first week of December we all got together in Kawakawa Bay to reflect, celebrate and recharge.

NetHui 2019: Safety, inclusion and wellbeing on the open Internet

Last week Ben and Laura attended NetHui 2019 — a gathering of people from industry, policy makers and community to discuss all things internet, with a specific focus on ‘Safety, inclusion and wellbeing on the open Internet’. Essentially, over two days we heard about and discussed some of the biggest challenges we face as not only providers of technology services, but simply as users of the internet.

Integration & automation

In business we often find ourselves performing very repetitive tasks, especially when it comes to things like invoicing or year-end. Individual documents need to be generated for each client, personalised, stored for record keeping, and finally emailed out to clients. This can be done manually when dealing with just a few, however as that number grows, the system becomes extremely prone to human error - update the wrong information, save it under the wrong name, or email it to the wrong person.

Upgrading from Silverstripe 3

We have been talking with some of our clients about upgrading their Silverstripe 3 websites to Silverstripe 4. For the benefit of others who might be investigating or considering this we thought we’d write an informative post.

Our stack at Springtimesoft Consulting

This part can vary a lot depending on the project, however, our typical stack consists of Linux, Git, Docker, Nginx, PHP, and MySQL. This is often combined with Redis, RabbitMQ, Solr/Elasticsearch, Postfix as support. When in a load-balanced environment we often make use of Amazon’s S3 for file storage. This is all supplemented with the odd homegrown tool or script written in Python, Ruby, Golang or Rust.

Our infrastructure at Springtimesoft Consulting

Our servers all live in the cloud, a mixture of Digital Ocean and Amazon’s AWS depending on the project requirements. We use Linux heavily (mainly Ubuntu), and this is mirrored in our development environments, which are built around Docker, for quick repeatable environments. Some of our older projects still use Vagrant and VirtualBox.
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