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Springtimesoft in Kawakawa Bay 2019

 |  Team + culture

2019 has been a big year here at Springtimesoft, and so for the first week of December we all got together in Kawakawa Bay to reflect, celebrate and recharge.

As a remote team, we have these get togethers a couple of times a year, most recently in Omaha, Gisborne and Wellington. This is a really important part of our ability to collaborate and work efficiently as a team, and a chance to discuss ways we can improve this.

However because this idea of going away together as a company isn’t necessarily run of the mill for everyone, we thought we’d share what goes on.


Perrin had the all important job of the grocery shop before picking everyone up from the airport late morning. We then headed straight out to the bach at Kawakawa Bay (about a 40 minute drive from Auckland Airport) where we checked out our digs for the next few days and had some lunch (what a view!).

The afternoon was all about catching up with each other, going for a swim and then a walk up and over, through some bush and around into another bay. Another (slightly chillier) swim and then back to the house.

BBQ for dinner, followed by Zane and Ralph sharing some of their latest technical side projects and discoveries and a few rounds of cards for the rest of us.

Photo of four people walking up the beach with the ocean in the background. The team after a swim. Zane was harder to get out of the water than an angry shark... so we left him there. If anyone finds him then please mail him back to us.
Photo of a beach with trees on the left and the ocean on the right. The beautiful Kawakawa Bay.


Ralph and I went for a walk first thing before breakfast which was followed by some team discussions around our company processes such as better planning, the pork cycle, and potential open source work.

Then we headed to Waitawa Regional Park for a sausage sizzle. The afternoon was spent in a few more process and project discussions, some around the table and some at the beach during an afternoon swim.

Thursday night’s dinner was followed by VR fun on the Oculus Quest and board games.

Photo looking down over a bach during sunset, with hills and the harbour in the background. Our home for the week.
Photo looking down at people climbing up stairs from the beach, with the ocean in the background. A "quick" walk through to the next bay along...
Photo of the Springtimesoft team members cooking at a barbeque with trees in the background Barbeque time at Waitawa Regional Park.


Friday was an early morning walk and swim for Ralph, Zane and I, followed by a left-overs fry up for breakfast and some final discussions before heading back to the airport.

The ability to work efficiently as a remote team, and enjoy working together, is an important philosophy of Springtimesoft. Therefore these chances to bond and connect as a team, together with discussing new tools/processes of working together, reflecting on obstacles and challenges we’ve encountered over the year and celebrating the wins are extremely important and we benefit from this collectively as a team, as well as individually.

Some of our get togethers will be more focussed on specific goals, such as a specific client work, or a focussed few days on automating some of our systems (as an example), other times such as this trip, at the end of the year and in the beautiful weather of Kawakawa bay, it’s all about balancing the perfect amount of work talk and relaxation.

Photo of the Springtimesoft team members standing in front of trees. Left to right: Ben, Zane, Laura, Ralph and Perrin.

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