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Surviving Startup Weekend

What’s the best way to prepare for Startup Weekend?

The intersection of design and development

What does it mean designing in a development lead company? To me - the same thing it means designing in any other, with just a few different turns in the road to get to the end goal.

Software development methodologies at Springtimesoft Consulting

We’re always on the lookout for new and better ways of doing things and using different processes to deliver things in the best possible way.

Terraform State with DigitalOcean

Terraform.io is a helpful tool aimed at moving your infrastructure configuration into code.

Springtimesoft and startups

We are passionate about startups. We help develop them, mentor them and most importantly run them ourselves.

Why Springtimesoft is using Raygun

Raygun is an error tracking tool that saves money in the long run as it makes sure bugs get fixed early (when it’s cheap to fix them), helps to fix bugs way faster by tracking a lot of additional information and also notifies us of problems without having to wait for users to report them.

Magento Raygun Bug Tracking

Here at Springtimesoft we love Raygun and use it for all our error tracking. In cooperation with Mindscape, the company behind Raygun, we have developed the official Magento provider for the Raygun error reporting and tracking service that you can find at Magento Connect.

Integrating Raygun into Magento

Integrating Raygun.io into Magento is about as straightforward as any other PHP project (using Raygun4PHP, but there are a few gotcha’s to be aware of.

PHP User Group in Wellington

For more than a year Springtimesoft is now running the PHP User Group in Wellington. The goal of the meetup is to get web developers together, talk about anything PHP related and have a chat over some pizza and beer after that. Originally founded in October 2012 by Lenz Gschwendtner and Benjamin Reichelt we got Sam Parkin from Enspiral involved at the end of last year to help us organising the meetups.
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