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10 Startups in the Making

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Last weekend we went along to Startup Weekend Auckland’s pitch night, to check out what ideas are on the minds of Auckland’s budding entrepreneurs.

After 54 hours of forming teams, validating problems, interviewing customers and developing business models, ten teams pitched their MVP. After a full-on weekend and massive amounts of work, each team had just five minutes to sell their idea to the judges - Misti Landtroop, Tali Rose, Mike Zeff and Rod Snodgrass - and three to answer questions.

Here are the ten startups pitched:


The Nimble team aim to save busy people the hassle of going to the supermarket when they have perfectly fine options at home. Their solution? An app that provides recipe ideas based on leftover and basic staple ingredients you have at home.

Reserved Park (Car Park Sorcerer)

We all know the pain of driving around looking for a carpark. Reserved Park are developing a peer to peer carpark model to utilise unused private parking in cities.

StatusQ (The Waiting Room)

Real-time patient re-routing for accident and emergency patients. StatusQ’s mission is to reduce pressure on A&E waiting rooms by displaying real-time data of wait times to patients.


Referable is a B2B review website that helps marketers discover and assess suppliers by leveraging the power of their networks.


Instantaneous support from qualified tutors to students that are stuck on a specific question when studying. Askee’s messaging service is built on the Facebook Messenger platform - it’s good to see the team thinking about existing technology they can leverage for their MVP, without starting from scratch.

Startup Weekend Auckland teams

Left to right: Nimble, Reserved Park, StatusQ, Referable


A marketplace application to connect travellers and backpackers with short-term employment at businesses such as hospitality, seasonal work or retail.


Child monitoring and communication tool for parents and their children. ChildBSafe view technology as an enabler for behavioural change - their goal is to instil good habits in children by encouraging two-way communication.

Sexless September

“Cross your legs and open your hearts”. Sexless September is an awareness campaign for fertility. This is an important issue - bringing open conversation to the challenges many face when looking to begin a family, and the proactive steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of infertility.

Startup Weekend Auckland teams

Left to right: Askee, TripFlow, ChildBSafe, Sexless September

And the winners…

Runners Up


Crowd pledging platform where fans encourage artists and promoters to book shows. BringThatBand gives artists and promoters an opportunity to gauge and understand demand in the NZ market.

First place

To the Loft

To the Loft use a peer to peer storage model to connect people who have spare storage space with those who need to find affordable storage. With the current growth of the sharing economy, an ‘AirBnb for storage’ seems timely.

Startup Weekend Auckland teams

Left to right: Runners Up - Bring that Band, Winners - To the Loft


Great job to all of the participants, crew, mentors and judges of Startup Weekend Auckland. The skills, methodologies and connections made are a huge asset to the individuals attending Startup Weekend and the communities they contribute to.
To stay up to date with Startup Weekends throughout New Zealand, follow the facebook page here.

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