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Why Springtimesoft is using Raygun

 |  Infrastructure + stack Web + software development

Raygun's Robbie the Robot

Raygun is an error tracking tool that saves money in the long run as it makes sure bugs get fixed early (when it’s cheap to fix them), helps to fix bugs way faster by tracking a lot of additional information and also notifies us of problems without having to wait for users to report them.

Raygun saves time

Raygun pinpoints problems with full stack traces and trend graphs, so we can fix bugs faster.

Raygun saves money

If we ship new products and features we don’t waste expensive development time hunting down software errors.

Raygun means happy users

Payment form not working? Raygun notifies us of problems without having to wait for users to tell us about them. So we can fix them quickly and less people are effected.

So overall Raygun keeps the technical debt low so with it we can make sure the software stays maintainable, it gives us a good overview of recurring problems and if problems are limited to a single browser / user or more widespread.

Raygun feeds directly into our team communication tool Slack so we will notice quickly if there is a sudden spike in error message produced by any software.

As we strongly believe error tracking is very important Springtimesoft has developed the Magento Raygun extension in cooperation with Mindscape.

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