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Magento Raygun Bug Tracking

Raygun error tracking

Here at Springtimesoft we love Raygun and use it for all our error tracking. In cooperation with Mindscape, the company behind Raygun, we have developed the official Magento provider for the Raygun error reporting and tracking service that you can find at Raygun on Magento Connect.

As it is open source you can contribute yourself if you’re keen: https://github.com/springtimesoft/springtimesoft_raygun


  • Simple Magento admin section to configure the extension and set up your API key
  • Ability to toggle asynchronous error sending
  • Adds Magento version and user details for easier debugging
  • Supports Magento 1.7 & later
  • Uses Raygun4PHP


Settings page.

Springtimesoft Raygun Magento Settings

Advanced settings.

Springtimesoft Raygun Magento Advanced Settings

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