We have successfully delivered a number of startups and love the buzz that goes on in an early stage startup. We are regularly attending Startup Weekends in New Zealand and contribute with technical expertise and practical know how on how to bootstrap ideas into working companies.

Springtimesoft is supporting a number of startups with advice on technical and general business matters. We have several years of experience with bootstrapping ideas in New Zealand and know that often it is enough to talk to someone who has been there before. Talk to us!

Startup Weekend

Startup Weekends are crazy 54 hour events full of energy


Sentinel supports the growth of your domain registry by creating trust.

Cloud Farmer

Development of new software from scratch based on the AgRecord System

Startup Platform

Development of the Startup Platform to connect Startup Weekend participants

AgRecord System

Springtimesoft added new features and basic design to AgRecord System

IT Talent Hub NZ

Developed project & website for IT Talent Hub NZ - helping IT Professionals travel and gain experience in NZ.


Architecture and software development for iwantmyname - domain name registration platform

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