Springtimesoft has been involved in some very interesting development work over the past couple of years. We had the pleasure to work with really interesting people and we gained an inside view into New Zealand based software development. This perfectly complements many years of knowledge we gained in Europe in the same field.

We have a strong commitment towards open source and try to release software we have built – or at least the parts that are not business related – under an appropriate open source license.

Beauty Care - e-commerce

Frontend development, System design, Backend development


Developed a new e-commerce platform for NZTS.

Finger Food Catering Company

Frontend development, System design, Backend development

Spit Roast Catering Company

Frontend development, System design, Backend development


Development of the official Magento Raygun extension for error tracking


New HOBANZ website using Drupal and Drupal Commerce

Spaced360 New Zealand

Spaced360 New Zealand Magento e-commerce for high end audio company


Technological consulting and server maintenance

State Services Commission

Added new features to their intranet, maintenance

Wakefields - e-commerce

Added Drupal Commerce to Wakefields’ Drupal website

Cloud Farmer

Development of new software from scratch based on the AgRecord System


Moved website to new server, upgrade, maintenance

EAO Entertainment

Development of new Drupal website

Neato Robotics Australia

Built the Magento e-commerce part and connected it with Joomla

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