E-commerce is a wide field and an online shop solution can range from selling a single item on a promotional website, to a shop system that is capable of multi currency and serves a wide variety of goods. We have experience in e-commerce solutions that range from small shops selling only a few items, to custom developed online selling portals that are capable of selling to a worldwide audience in several currencies.

For mid-size e-commerce sites we often use Magento because it is the simplest platform for a merchant to use in day-to-day business and easily scales from relatively small stores to larger stores. We have implemented large stores in Magento that have big requirements in terms of reporting, data import, data export and scalability requirements for a large audience of customers. Our experience in overseas markets helps us understand requirements of overseas customers and we have extensive experience in multi-currency setups.

We have integrated with many payment gateways and are happy to help you choose the right one for the job. We can handle the payment gateway implementation process for you so that you don’t have to worry about the technical details and the integration into your existing bank accounts. We have dealt with nearly all New Zealand based gateways, some Australian and a few overseas ones. With this experience we can give you a good idea of the total costs of a payment gateway and capabilities the different gateways and banks can offer you.

Our extensive experience in optimising conversion rates and our SEO (search engine optimisation) know-how will help you get the most out of your e-commerce setup once you get started. We will help you after your shop is set up to make the right decisions on customer acquisition channels and conversion rate optimisation. Springtimesoft has an extensive track record in consulting and coaching businesses to be successful, we help you get the most out of your shop.

Whether you’re starting out fresh or have an existing solution that you want to optimise, talk to us about your e-commerce needs.