For us software development is not a job, it’s our passion.

We are made up of a team of highly experienced full-stack developers and consultants with a proven track record of delivering excellent software across a wide range of industries, both in New Zealand and internationally. Our past projects include custom business tools, intranets, e-commerce systems and high traffic websites. We also incubate our own internal projects and products. As a client you benefit directly from our real world learning and insight.

Collaboration and partnership is a genuine focus of ours, we continually work with our clients to provide ongoing support and evaluate technology in and around their businesses. Transparency in our development approach means our clients can at any given time inspect the source code, our version history and have full visibility of what we do and where we are up to throughout the project.

Free as in freedom (and sometimes as in beer), we use Open Source software and tools that provide a strong peer reviewed base familiar to developers world-wide, and usually comes without licensing restrictions that are common with proprietary platforms. By using Open Source we are allowed unencumbered access to the inner layers of our software stack and can debug logic and performance problems with much greater efficiency.

At Springtimesoft we take security very seriously. We use well maintained and industry standard frameworks, and are well versed in vulnerabilities listed by the OWASP project. This includes always keeping our software up to date with security patches, as well as running basic security tests against a website before it is made public. We are also familiar with and comfortable working in PCI DSS compliant environments and able to help with compliance for new projects.

SSL is used for deployments with sensitive communications (e.g. e-commerce shops, back-office applications), preventing any possible snooping from taking place. We are also automating the inclusion of LetsEncrypt certificates in new projects by default and rolling this out to existing projects over time.

If you are dealing with sensitive data we can work with multiple information security businesses around New Zealand to provide independent security testing for extra peace of mind.

As enthusiasts of our craft, we are always learning and keeping up with the state of the art practices in our field. We are passionate about the web, about software and all things tech, talk to us about your next project and we will find the best possible solution for you.