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Use Trello for Scrum

The below outlines how Springtimesoft is using Trello for Scrum.
Find out more about Scrum at Agile software development through Scrum.

  • Requirements: Scrum for Trello
  • Trello Columns
    • Product Backlog: This is where all the ideas/tasks being collected.
    • Sprint Planning: This is the column where the team can begin planning for the next sprint without interfering with current sprint activities. More refined estimates can be applied and stories can be broken down. Once estimates are applied, the total points wrap up into the list header to show you the size of the sprint.
    • Current Sprint: The Current Sprint is the work that needs to be done right now. These are the stories that the team can pull from and assign themselves to.
    • In Progress: Stories actively being worked on should be in this list, and the developers working on the story should assign themselves to the card. Developers can also provide an estimate in brackets [ ] of the amount of effort already spent. Total story points and also estimated story points completed roll up into the list header to allow the Scrum Master a quick view at progress in the current iteration, as well as on the individual stories.
    • QA: The Scrum Master will assign this list to all completed tasks. Ready to be tested for quality assurance
    • Bug Report: During QA bugs might rise. Use this list to track down all the problems before moving the tasks to Done
    • Done: Work completed that has passed all acceptance testing can be moved to Done and later archived.
  • Points: When using the Scrum for Trello plugin, the story points are placed in the title in parentheses (e.g. (5)). Expended effort is tracked in the title in brackets (e.g. [2]).
  • Tasks: Tasks can be tracked in a variety of ways.
    • Using the checklist as it has a visual indication of what percentage of the tasks is complete.
    • If you need to track task hours remaining, you may want to consider splitting stories down into task cards instead, as tracking hours remaining in the checklist is less than ideal.
  • Tips & Tricks
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