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PHP User Group in Wellington

 |  Community Web + software development

For more than a year Springtimesoft is now running the PHP User Group in Wellington. The goal of the meetup is to get web developers together, talk about anything PHP related and have a chat over some pizza and beer after that. Originally founded in October 2012 by Lenz Gschwendtner and Benjamin Reichelt we got Sam Parkin from Enspiral involved at the end of last year to help us organising the meetups.

We try to offer a wide range of web related talks and hope to keep it interesting for any kind of web developer. Usually iwantmyname sponsors the pizza and beer but we do occasionally have the odd homebrew on offer as we did at our February Lightning Talks meetup.

It has been a lot of fun to organise and host these meetups and we have met a lot of interesting people.

Come along to one of our next meetups, next month we will have a talk about the Piwik Analytics Platform.

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