Springtimesoft Consulting is constantly looking for talented and motivated people that want to make a difference.

We are offering exciting projects and a friendly and relaxed working environment. Find out more about us or see which technologies we use here at Springtimesoft Consulting.

Currently we are looking for potential team members with the following skills:

Remote "full-stack" Überdev

git commit -m "in the comfort of your PJs."

We’re looking for a talented person to join our distributed team (< 10) of technology consultants.

This is a nationwide opportunity as we predominantly work remotely (communicating via Slack and whatever flavor of the month video chat software breaks the least); we also have offices in Wellington and Auckland for those preferring to work in a social environment.

We do a range of short term and long term development and consulting. This includes working with a wide range of sectors; startups, SMEs, incorporated societies, corporates and government clients.

We are thinkers, problem solvers and tinkerers that pride ourselves on transparency, good ethics and collaboration.

We love to work with startups and the startup community (helping with technology architecture, giving advice, and working on implementation), if you have attended a Startup Weekend or been involved with running a business before this is a huge plus. As part of this we also have early stage ideas that we are incubating internally.

Technology… we invest in Open Source, our development environments are built on Vagrant and Ansible, we deploy to AWS and DigitalOcean and use Linux extensively, command-line experience is a must! Ideally you are comfortable with administering MySQL and other services from the CLI, and have configured LAMP/LEMP/LWTF stacks in the past.

On the development side we use a mixture of CMSs (Magento, Drupal, Silverstripe) and are increasingly doing custom work using Symfony. Strong PHP skills are required and exposure to multiple programming languages is beneficial. A good level of HTML/JS/CSS knowledge, along with Git experience (or other DVCS) is crucial as well. However there are also opportunities to work with unconventional languages and tools in commercial environments, including languages such as Hack, Elixir, Go, Rust, and tools such as Elasticsearch, graph databases and all that fun stuff where the freedom to solve interesting problems takes a higher priority than the stack used.

In addition to having experience with the technology and tools above you’ll need to be self-motivated, autonomous, have strong communication skills and be able to work under pressure from time to time.

So if you are nodding your head to above and you would dig ANY springtimesoft.co.nz role then get in touch with your CV and a cover letter! (please include your GitHub username and/or code snippets if available)

Salary will be dependant on the applicant’s qualifications and experience.

Apply or find out more at jobs@springtimesoft.co.nz