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Supporting MUV Talks 2017

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MUV Talks was co-founded in New Zealand by Pauli Sosa and myself with the aim to create an environment where passionate people can gather together to learn, be inspired and celebrate the stories of others.  Each event consists of a set of seven talks for seven minutes with different experiences and points of view and is interspersed with activities and networking.

MUV Talks July 2017

July 2017 - MUV Talks: Leaders of Tomorrow

Here are a few of the reasons Springtimesoft is proudly supporting the event series throughout 2017:

Celebrating everyday people doing awesome things

MUV Talks operate under the theory that everyone has a story to tell and one that can inspire others. Speakers are given the very minimal instruction of - “inspiring and provoking thought”, allowing each individual to formulate their talk in the manner that suits them and of the subject they’re passionate about.
With this space for individuality, and variety of speakers at an event you are bound to hear from someone you’ve never heard of before, and learn of a project, organisation or idea that is completely new to you.

We get to meet all sorts of cool people

Networking isn’t everyone’s favourite pastime, but with an energetic room, activities that break the ice without feeling awkward, thought-provoking talks and a highly engaged audience, it’s hard not to have interesting conversations at MUV.

Seven minutes flies by

Distilling a story into seven minutes is a tough ask but it results in an engaging and informal sharing environment. The event is kept small enough that chatting to the speakers throughout the event is easy, meaning any burning questions or ideas can be shared. 
For the speakers, some of whom are new to public speaking, it gives an opportunity to talk in a friendly, relaxed setting - without undertaking a massive presentation. We hope that from MUV Talks many of the speakers will go on to share their stories more often! 

Pizza and beer

‘nough said. 

MUV Talks have now had five events - four in Auckland and one in Tauranga. That’s 35 speakers sharing their stories on everything from building strong communities, to diversity in tech, to mental health to preserving our environment, and many more topics.
It’s a tough pick, but here are some of our favourite talks so far:

Brittany Teei, founder of Kidscoin

On her software and workshops which are empowering children to have good money habits money while they are young, and enabling families, educators and children to have better conversations about financial literacy.


Mahsa Mohaghegh - founder of SheSharp

On the importance of supporting and encouraging more young women into STEM.
View the video →

Natalie Robinson  - founder of Mum’s Garage

On building a community and placing value on the startup development programs, workshops and events run by Mum’s Garage.
View the video →


For more information on MUV Talks, head to their website at muving.org or like them on Facebook

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