NZIOB is a membership organisation committed to raising performance within the construction industry and providing professional development opportunities and social events for members. We worked closely with NZIOB to understand their organisational workflows in order to develop a flexible and efficient new website.

Site-wide refresh

A full redesign of the NZIOB website was undertaken in order to refresh the brand and improve the user experience. The website is now responsive and the number of key pages reduced from around 50 to 20. We simplified the navigation and clarified the page hierarchies, reducing the amount of time users spend searching for what they need.

NZIOB’s membership are in the construction and building industry, and aren’t spending all day in front of a computer. Therefore it is important that when they do, the experience is a good one. We redesigned the membership portal to be clear and task oriented. When members log into the portal it should be immediately clear what is coming up next and where they can complete the actions they need to.

Streamlined application process

NZIOB Application

Becoming a member of NZIOB should feel like a simple process. We redesigned the membership application workflow, making it easier for the user to complete their application online, and more efficient for NZIOB to process on their end.

An automated assessment process means that each chain in the approval process is notified when an application is ready for their review, simplifying a large chunk of work for the Membership officer.

Future proofing NZIOB

A key driver in this project was ensuring NZIOB’s platform is reliable, documented and well supported. We worked with them to develop and document the website on a well-supported platform that is flexible to the needs of them and their membership.

During development, we worked to decouple the organisational logic away from the CMS, so that NZIOB’s unique process and IP aren’t tied into a single framework should they ever want to change or upgrade.