The Spit Roast Catering Company and Fingerfood Catering offer packages for all occasions from small parties to weddings, corporate functions and larger events. An extremely popular catering option, they needed some serious e-commerce muscle to ensure every order runs smoothly.

Making it easy

SRCC Catering doesn’t just offer two or three meals – every menu option is highly customisable, from the number of guests being served (adult vs children), to the variety of meat and salad options to be selected and the additions of dessert, utensils and other offers. To offer ordering online, the system needed to be able to display and offer all of these options without overwhelming the customer.

Spit Roast Catering Company

Managing a growing volume of orders​

Making it easy meant a lot more going on for SRCC and Fingerfood Catering. We developed a large custom e-commerce ordering and backoffice system in order to streamline the method of collecting and processing orders.  Quotes can be added and issued with the click of the button, and customised to suit individual customers. These are then immediately converted into orders once approved.  The backoffice dashboard allows SRCC and Fingerfood Catering staff complete visibility over their orders and statuses, as well as viewing all transactions associated within an order, right there and then. It has also enabled the ability to manage and add new products, menus and promotions which automatically update across the board.

A step further than e-commerce

The system has been designed to support other organisational aspects of the business. This includes the handling of raw materials that go into menus so that procurement and kitchen functions can be based on incoming orders for specific times.

A built in CRM records changes to orders and all client notes so that the onsite catering team have all the information they need to create the perfect catering experience SRCC and Finger food are renowned for.